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Send alarms using simple webhooks

How to trigger alarms in evalink talos by using webhooks
A webhook (also called a web callback) is a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information. In other words, webhooks are web-based events that have the ability to trigger an action, i.e. it is the simplest way of getting an alert when something happens in another system.
From an architecture perspective, webhooks are HTTP callback points that are defined by the user. They allow you to register an https:// URL where the event data can be stored in JSON or XML formats. After that, you will be able to do what you want with the data you retrieve and store from a certain event.
To generate an alarm via a webhook in evalink talos, go to the bottom of your Dashboard and click on theManage Integrationsoption.
Then, enable the Webhook integration by clicking on the Add Integration button under Webhooks.
Once the Webhook Integration is enabled, click on the Sites from the main menu, select the site of your choice, and then click on the Integrations tab:
In order for you to create a new webhook, you will have to click on the + Create WebHookbutton.
Then we will have to give it a:
Alarm Code
and click on Submit.
Once you click on Submit, the URL of the newly created webhook will be displayed in evalink talos.
You can now use this URL from any internet-facing device in order to trigger an alarm in evalink talos.