evalink talos

6. Make your first REST API call

How to perform your first REST API call against the evalink talos API
evalink talos REST API supports OAuth 2.0 protocol to authorize and authenticate API calls.
You can find all the endpoints for the evalink talos API in the following link:
evalink talos – Endpoint Documentation
To login, please use the following credentials:
username: docs password: T4l05
  1. 1.
    Find the API Token that you have created in your evalink talos account following 5. Create an API Token in evalink talos.
  2. 2.
    To send your first API request, open Postman. Click the + plus button to open a new tab.
    When using the “New” button, you will be asked to give your request a name and description. Choose/create a collection to save it in. Save to create your request.
  3. 3.
    Select the kind of request you want to use by clicking on the request “Get”.
(Not sure ? Review basic terminology about REST on 3. About REST - The Basics)
4. If your goal is to GET a list of all the devices (sites) for your evalink talos tenant, you need to submit the following API request:
get devices by companyID
4. Then add your evalink talos API Token to the “Headers” in the request with the following Key-Value Pair:
Key: Authorization Value: Bearer <API_TOKEN>
The evalink talos API is constructed in a way that API Requests will frequently need the Company ID as a ( parameter.
5. Click on 'Send' to submit your request to the evalink talos API.
For further guidance, please also see: