evalink talos

5. Create your first API Token in evalink talos

How to get your API Token from evalink talos
To authenticate against the evalink talos API in Postman, one of the first steps you need to do is create an API Token in evalink talos.
Log in to talos.evalink.io with your credentials:
Once you are logged into your evalink talos account,
From the main menu, click on “Company”.
Click on the tab “Integrations” .
Click on the button “Manage Tokens”.
To create an API Token, click on the button “Create Token”.
Give the API token a name. After that, select the required permissions.
Note: If you are going to use the API token for testing purposes, we recommend selecting all the permissions.
Just above the API Token, you will also find your Company ID.
Please note down both the API Token and the Company ID as they are very important for your interactions with the evalink talos API.