evalink talos Account Creation

Create your evalink talos account in 5 easy steps
Hi, and welcome to evalink tutorials.
Together, we will create a new evalink talos account in 5 easy steps.
First, open your browser and navigate to:
evalink talos
evalink talos login page.
Select your preferred language, and then click on Register
Enter your email address, a password, your first and last name and finally, click on Sign up.
Then you will need to verify your account by clicking on the link that we have just sent to your mailbox.
After this verification, log in to talos.evalink.io using the credentials you've just created.
As a last step, you need to add your Company Name.
And... That’s it!
You're registered in evalink talos and you can now view your dashboard, manage your alarms, add integrations, create powerful workflows, and more!