Email Integration

Allow evalink talos to send e-mails on your behalf.
Hi, and welcome to another evalink tutorial!
In this tutorial, we will add and set up the Email Integration into your evalink talos account.
Before you start, you will need a dedicated e-mail address like [email protected].
Your system administrator can help you to get the necessary credentials:
an SMTP host such as,
an SMTP port, which is usually port 587,
and a set of username and password.
Once your email address is set up, you will need to add the integration into your evalink talos account.
From your evalink talos dashboard, navigate to the menu Company, and click on the tab Integrations.
Search for Email and click on: Add Integration.
Now, let’s configure the Email integration.
  • the e-mail address,
  • the SMPT host and port,
  • the username and password, provided by your administrator.
To finish the integration setup, click on Submit.
The state should now change to "Enabled". If not, you should double check the credentials you entered in the previous step.
As a verification step, you need to click on the three dots and then select the first option Send test Email to the email of your choice.
A confirmation message should appear at the top of the screen.
And... that’s it!
evalink talos is now configured to automatically send emails from your email address.