Eagle Eye Networks Integration

Import your Eagle Eye Networks feeds and alarms to your evalink talos account
Hi, and welcome to another evalink tutorial!
In this tutorial, we will add and set up the Eagle Eye Networks Integration into your evalink talos account.
From the main dashboard, navigate to the menu Company and click on the tab Integrations.
Search for the Eagle Eye Networks Integration, and click on: Add Integration.
Enter your Eagle Eye Networks cloud account credentials (username and password) and enable the import of Camera and Analytics alarms. If there are Subaccounts in your EEN cloud, select the desired subaccount.
Then, finish adding the integration by clicking on Submit.
The last step is to activate the Eagle Eye Networks Integration for your site.
To add the Eagle Eye Integration to a site, navigate to the menu Sites, pick the site you want to configure, click on the tab Integrations, and then click on the tab Eagle Eye.
Now, you can assign a camera to this site simply by clicking on the camera name.
After you have clicked on a camera name, check "Import Camera Alarms" and "Import Analytics Alarms" in the top right area.