SIA DC-09 ARC Connection

Forward your alarms to Alarm Receiving Centers via SIA DC-09.
Hi, and welcome to another evalink tutorial!
In this tutorial, we will add and set up the SIA DC-09 ARC Connection Integration into your evalink talos account.
From your evalink talos dashboard, navigate to the menu Company, and click on the tab Integrations.
Search for SIA DC-O9 ARC Connection, and click on: Add Integration.
Now let’s configure the SIA DC-O9 ARC Connection integration.
First, click on:
Add Connector
Select a name, and choose a type: Trusted device, or Gateway.
Trusted device is an experimental function which allows you to define a trusted device that acts as an alarm distributor. In most cases, you will select Gateway.
Next, select the 'Single or Dual Path polling configuration'. For this tutorial, we will select 'Custom Dual Path'.
Then enter the I.P. address, Port, transmission protocol, and polling interval for the Primary ATP Host, as well as, the I.P. address, Port, transmission protocol and polling interval for the Secondary ATP Host.
Configure the number of attempts to deliver an alarm before giving up, in the fields 'Attempts' and 'Attempts on D.U.H. response'.
To finish, click on the Submit button, twice.
Now, the next step is to enable and configure the SIA DC-09 ARC Connection on your site.
Navigate to the menu Sites, pick the site to configure, click on the tab Integrations, and then click on DC09 Forwarding.
Create a new forwarding by clicking on Create DCO9 forwarding.
Select the connector you have created and then enter the account number and shared key provided by the ARC.
Then, press Submitto finish the configuration.
Do you need to connect the SIA DC-09 ARC Connector onto more than one site?
Just go back to the menu Sites and repeat the process!
And...That’s it!
Now, each alarm received in your evalink talos account for this site will be forwarded to the desired ARC via the SIA DC-O9 protocol.